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Gnus Distribution

Stable versions of Gnus is included in the Emacs and XEmacs editors.

If you want more leading-edge versions of Gnus, I would suggest using the bzr Emacs repository.

If you want total bleeding edge Gnus, use the Gnus git repository.

Downloading the development Gnus version from git

The server uses packed refs. Make sure your version of Git can handle them ( and later definitely do).

Public access

git clone

Committer access (note the SSL certificate is self-signed)

# you should do this to tell git not to check the certificate git config http.sslVerify false git clone # this will be necessary if you have to use a proxy git clone cd gnus The committer should also have a ~/.netrc file that says
machine login yourlogin password yourpassword
If your password has a space in it or if you are a rebel, use
as the address and you won't need a ~/.netrc file. It's not recommended. Also the server config says
        denyDeletes = true
        denyNonFastForwards = true
so that will, we hope, prevent unfortunate accidents.

Send e-mail to to get access, especially if you had CVS committer access already.

Server setup: Apache 2 using git-http-backend. Commits go to and, prefixed with [git] and the envelope sender is git-logger. There are two (HTTP and HTTPS) Apache 2 servers but they both run git-http-backend so "smart" clients are faster for committers and anonymous readers.

Older versions

Older versions of Gnus can be found in as tar files here.

An archive of patches is also available.