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3.18 Article Treatment

Reading through this huge manual, you may have quite forgotten that the object of newsreaders is to actually, like, read what people have written. Reading articles. Unfortunately, people are quite bad at writing, so there are tons of functions and variables to make reading these articles easier.

3.18.1 Article Highlighting  You want to make the article look like fruit salad.
3.18.2 Article Fontisizing  Making emphasized text look nice.
3.18.3 Article Hiding  You also want to make certain info go away.
3.18.4 Article Washing  Lots of way-neat functions to make life better.
3.18.5 Article Header  Doing various header transformations.
3.18.6 Article Buttons  Click on URLs, Message-IDs, addresses and the like.
3.18.7 Article button levels  Controlling appearance of buttons.
3.18.8 Article Date  Grumble, UT!
3.18.9 Article Display  Display various stuff--X-Face, Picons, Smileys
3.18.10 Article Signature  What is a signature?
3.18.11 Article Miscellanea  Various other stuff.

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