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5. Composing Messages

All commands for posting and mailing will put you in a message buffer where you can edit the article all you like, before you send the article by pressing C-c C-c. See section `Overview' in Message Manual. Where the message will be posted/mailed to depends on your setup (see section 5.2 Posting Server).

5.1 Mail  Mailing and replying.
5.2 Posting Server  What server should you post and mail via?
5.3 POP before SMTP  You cannot send a mail unless you read a mail.
5.4 Mail and Post  Mailing and posting at the same time.
5.5 Archived Messages  Where Gnus stores the messages you've sent.
5.6 Posting Styles  An easier way to specify who you are.
5.7 Drafts  Postponing messages and rejected messages.
5.8 Rejected Articles  What happens if the server doesn't like your article?
5.9 Signing and encrypting  How to compose secure messages.

Also see section 3.5.4 Canceling Articles for information on how to remove articles you shouldn't have posted.

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