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6.3 Getting Mail

Reading mail with a newsreader--isn't that just plain WeIrD? But of course.

6.3.1 Mail in a Newsreader  Important introductory notes.
6.3.2 Getting Started Reading Mail  A simple cookbook example.
6.3.3 Splitting Mail  How to create mail groups.
6.3.4 Mail Sources  How to tell Gnus where to get mail from.
6.3.5 Mail Back End Variables  Variables for customizing mail handling.
6.3.6 Fancy Mail Splitting  Gnus can do hairy splitting of incoming mail.
6.3.7 Group Mail Splitting  Use group customize to drive mail splitting.
6.3.8 Incorporating Old Mail  What about the old mail you have?
6.3.9 Expiring Mail  Getting rid of unwanted mail.
6.3.10 Washing Mail  Removing cruft from the mail you get.
6.3.11 Duplicates  Dealing with duplicated mail.
6.3.12 Not Reading Mail  Using mail back ends for reading other files.
6.3.13 Choosing a Mail Back End  Gnus can read a variety of mail formats.

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