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8.20.3 Detecting Spam in Groups

To detect spam when visiting a group, set the group's spam-autodetect and spam-autodetect-methods group parameters. These are accessible with G c or G p, as usual (see section 2.10 Group Parameters).

You should set the spam-use-* variables for whatever spam back ends you intend to use. The reason is that when loading `spam.el', some conditional loading is done depending on what spam-use-xyz variables you have set.

By default, only unseen articles are processed for spam. You can force Gnus to recheck all messages in the group by setting the variable spam-autodetect-recheck-messages to t.

If you use the spam-autodetect method of checking for spam, you can specify different spam detection methods for different groups. For instance, the `ding' group may have spam-use-BBDB as the autodetection method, while the `suspect' group may have the spam-use-blacklist and spam-use-bogofilter methods enabled. Unlike with spam-split, you don't have any control over the sequence of checks, but this is probably unimportant.

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