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5.1 Mail

Variables for customizing outgoing mail:


List of regexps to match headers included in digested messages. The headers will be included in the sequence they are matched. If nil include all headers.


If non-nil, add a to-list group parameter to mail groups that have none when you do a a.


If non-nil, Gnus will ask you for a confirmation when you are about to reply to news articles by mail. If it is nil, nothing interferes in what you want to do. This can also be a function receiving the group name as the only parameter which should return non-nil if a confirmation is needed, or a regular expression matching group names, where confirmation should be asked for.

If you find yourself never wanting to reply to mail, but occasionally press R anyway, this variable might be for you.


If non-nil, Gnus also requests confirmation according to gnus-confirm-mail-reply-to-news when replying to mail. This is useful for treating mailing lists like newsgroups.

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