Expecting (ding) Long-Sleeved T-shirts

(Any typos on this page are the fault of alcohol. And flyspell-mode.)

On December 3rd 2004, Romain Francoise sent me an email asking me when the 10th anniversary of (ding) Gnus development was. I kinda thought that was next year, but I was wrong.

In November 1994, I posted to gnu.emacs.gnus about rewriting Gnus. The response was pretty much overwhelming for me, and the first Gnus release followed on December 11th, 1994.

It was too late to make shirts and get them out on time, but I hustled and bustled, and on December 17th, 2004, Nilz (the t-shirt printers) had the shirts ready.
Emacs-assisted Visa payments, and Mexican help Stacks of shirts in a romantic pose.
Yeah, baby Give it up for the camera

Packing shirts is always fun.

Just what every professional mail order service needs: Stamps, invoices, wine, cheese, crackers, MST3K, and DJ/Rupture on the stereo Getting into the groove
Ingredients for a successful business venture Grooving on down
Thank you, MST3K Almost no shirts left...

In total, about 95 shirts were ordered.
A close-up of the design Done with packing and really, really drunk
Finished off the wine and reduced to drinking strange pink alcoholic fluids The dregs of the party.

And they lived happily ever after.

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