Red Gnus Sweatshirt

The September Gnus t-shirt went over so well, that no sooner had I forgotten how boring it was to send bunches of parcels than I started thinking about doing something new. I had the catalogue of stuff from Nilz, the t-shirt printing place that did the September Gnus t-shirts, and since I was exceedingly satisfied with their work on that, I decided that I was just going to run off a very, very limited run. Ten, or so. Red Gnus sweatshirt And this time I was going to take only pre-orders, since I had to return money to many, many people on the September Gnus t-shirt, since I didn't have enough. And I was not going to announce the shirt anywhere other than the ding mailing list. Red Gnus sweatshirt

So I ended up with fifty four orders.

Since I had priced the thing according to a ten copy run, that meant that I made oodles of money, which I used to buy a five-cd CD player, so that I could extend my uninterrupted programming time up to a maximum of seven hours.

The shirt was available in five colours -- black, blue, green, yellow and gray (the latter shown above). The ink was in red, with printing on the back only.

The text on the shirt is a bit difficult to make out on these pictures, but it reads "Development Proletcult Cadre #23" above the "Red Gnus" legend, and "People's Democratic Newsreader" below it. I did go awfully wrong in the typeface department, though.

I think the shirts went out in December 1996.

1998-12-09 04:05:51