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3.27.1 Summary Group Information

H f
Try to fetch the FAQ (list of frequently asked questions) for the current group (gnus-summary-fetch-faq). Gnus will try to get the FAQ from gnus-group-faq-directory, which is usually a directory on a remote machine. This variable can also be a list of directories. In that case, giving a prefix to this command will allow you to choose between the various sites. ange-ftp or efs will probably be used for fetching the file.

H d
Give a brief description of the current group (gnus-summary-describe-group). If given a prefix, force rereading the description from the server.

H h
Give an extremely brief description of the most important summary keystrokes (gnus-summary-describe-briefly).

H i
Go to the Gnus info node (gnus-info-find-node).

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