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3.32 Mailing List

Gnus understands some mailing list fields of RFC 2369. To enable it, add a to-list group parameter (see section 2.10 Group Parameters), possibly using A M (gnus-mailing-list-insinuate) in the summary buffer.

That enables the following commands to the summary buffer:

C-c C-n h
Send a message to fetch mailing list help, if List-Help field exists.

C-c C-n s
Send a message to subscribe the mailing list, if List-Subscribe field exists.

C-c C-n u
Send a message to unsubscribe the mailing list, if List-Unsubscribe field exists.

C-c C-n p
Post to the mailing list, if List-Post field exists.

C-c C-n o
Send a message to the mailing list owner, if List-Owner field exists.

C-c C-n a
Browse the mailing list archive, if List-Archive field exists.

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