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3.8 Sending Variables


A function called to save outgoing articles. This function will be called with the name of the file to store the article in. The default function is message-output which saves in Unix mailbox format.


When sending combined messages, this string is inserted at the start of the mailed copy. If the string contains the format spec ‘%s’, the newsgroups the article has been posted to will be inserted there. If this variable is nil, no such courtesy message will be added. The default value is ‘"The following message is a courtesy copy of an article\\nthat has been posted to %s as well.\\n\\n"’.


If nil, attach files as normal parts in Fcc copies; if it is non-nil, attach local files as external parts.


If non-nil wait for and display errors when sending a message; if nil let the mailer mail back a message to report errors.


When non-nil, Gnus will ask for confirmation when sending a message.

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